Women Welfare Programme

This is our yearly programme and we use to do it every month in different locality in Delhi. Women are the most essential part of a family as well as for the community and working as a strong pillar for the nation and it is our duty to take care of them and uplift their health and to give them a respectful treatment in anyways we can. This is a small approach from our side to take their all issues in serious manner and to help them to live a dignify life in the society. These approaches are linked to:-

Legal Awareness
Water Sanitation
Women Literacy
VT Training
Short term trainings

We try to aware the women power and also to the community to understand the need and the benefit when it comes to “Gender Equality”. We also try to focus on different issues related to domestic violence, mental harassment and other legal conditions in which women are suffering. We as a supporting factor try to negotiate and sometime counsel the family (Husband, in laws etc) to respect women as a human being and allow to live a dignify life with self respect.

We are having a Women Literacy Program, which help them to understand the benefit of education and they can use their knowledge to bring the sustainability into the family. Through education they can make their life worthy and can give good moral to their children. With Literacy training we are also running few Vocational training in our various areas just to make them stand on their own and be a stronghold for the family.

We are also running an SHG Programme to make the life style of a particular woman up to a mark. We also provide short term trainings like Candle Making, Sanitary pad making, Artificial Jewelry making and chocolate making to the SHG and community women so they can also be a helping hand for their family and add on to the financial ground.

Time to time we try to aware the community specially the women of the house regarding the water sanitation as they are the caretaker of the family especially the children .Women of the house are the primary provider to all the need full things in the family when it comes to sanitation, health and other issues.