Employment for All

The Centre also helps in developing market linkages and employer networking for placements. The guiding approach is to be innovative, catalytic and sustainable. The long term vision for this project is to make a conscious effort to breakout of gender stereotype activities. However, all efforts are gradual, with constant community feedback so that the initiatives do not become unrecognized. The choice of vocational training was made completely based on the demand from the community. The trainings have proved to be very popular, and all classes are running in full capacity. Skill training constitutes a very important part of the JPACS activities. Economic empowerment coupled with social empowerment is the backbone of the program. It intends to empower the women with set of skills and also prepares her to use the skill for income generation for a sustainable livelihood. The JPACS not only helps in generating employment opportunities for the course candidates but also imparts demand driven short term training in consultation with the industry. It even establishes linkages with the industry for placement and provides backward and forward linkages with bank, financial institutions and agencies for loan.