The objective of non formal education is to increase the level of literacy in the community, prevent drop outs and mainstream children to government schools. Through JPACS we target children from 6 to 14 years who have never attended schools or are drop outs of schools. Remedial education is also provided to school going children to prevent further drop outs. JPACS’s organizes non formal education classes with a group of 25 students twice a year. Relevant linkages are worked out with local government schools in the area where children will be encouraged to take Board examination either through schools or NIOS.

The preliminary baseline survey highlighted the fact that girls in the poor congested Bheem Nagar, Jwala Puri Cluster and Munawar Camp colonies are rarely educated beyond class 3-4. Even boys tend to drop out by class 8 and start working. Functional literacy is therefore an important component of the Non Formal Education programme. Centre conducts adult literacy programmes as well as remedial classes for school dropouts. The total numbers of beneficiaries so far have been 2000.